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book binding – Elizabeth Grab

Perfect Binding, Long-Stitch Binding & 3D-printed book components

Elizabeth holds a different book with 3D printed coversa nd spine, this one also with a sewn binding, but using two quires rather than a perfect binding

I worked with a 3-D printing enthusiast friend who wanted to incorporate 3-D printed structures into a bookbinding project. We worked together to determine two different binding styles that would work with two different cover designs for an Instructables.com contest he wished to enter. While he put together the 3-D printing components of the tutorial, I worked up the perfect and long-stitch binding instructions.

You can find the joint project here: https://www.instructables.com/Cryptex-Lock-Notebook/.

Creating that Instructable as a team made me want to put out tutorials on both perfect and long-stitch bindings individually. I’ve gotten round to the perfect binding Instructable (found here: https://www.instructables.com/Adhesive-Binding-Notebook/) and will eventually get to the long-stitch tutorial. Keep an eye on my Instructable.com account for that, and follow Echo Bravo’s account for more 3-D printing goodness!

Artist’s Portfolio: Half Calf Case Binding

Completed portfolio after almost a year of use

In 2018, Max Shafer of Glenn’s Tattoo Service Inc. in Carrboro, NC asked me to work with him on a custom portfolio. After meeting several times to discuss what functionality and aesthetics he wished for in his book, we settled upon a half calf case binding.

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Colin’s Baby Book

After commissioning three books for her baby shower (see posts Baby Shower Book, vol. 1 and vol. 2-3), Michele commissioned another to commemorate the first year of her son Colin’s life. Now that she had a better understanding of the variety of choices available to her, Michele wanted to work more closely on the design for this book. We settled on a Coptic stitch binding, which allowed for her to select alternating blue and orange signatures that would be visible along the spine, adding a touch of whimsy. We reinforced the playfulness of the aesthetic by selecting patterned paper designed with a little boy in mind. I tied this book in with her baby shower cards I also bound with a Coptic stitch by using the same color thread (see Baby Shower Book, vol. 2-3).

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Michele’s Baby Shower Books, vol. II & III

Michele—the same patron who requested a photo book as part of the planning for her baby shower—also commissioned a pamphlet to store her shower memorabilia. I made up a pamphlet binding out of whimsical and appropriately themed paper, then secured the items with photo corners.

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Book Artists’ Core Collection: A compilation of multimedia book arts resources

For Professor Mary Grace Flaherty’s collections management course, she had us select an audience and construct a collection suited to that audience.  I chose to focus on an audience of book arts practitioners and historians. Continue reading “Book Artists’ Core Collection: A compilation of multimedia book arts resources”

Book Arts Resource Guide

This Spring term, I took a reference course (INLS501) from Stephanie Brown of UNC’s Park Library in which we were asked to create an online guide on the topic of our choice for whatever audience we wished.

My topic guide, found at bookartsfoundationalresources.wordpress.com, presents a basic introduction to book arts knowledge, providing an accessible starting point and Continue reading “Book Arts Resource Guide”