Perfect Binding, Long-Stitch Binding & 3D-printed book components

Elizabeth holds a different book with 3D printed coversa nd spine, this one also with a sewn binding, but using two quires rather than a perfect binding

I worked with a 3-D printing enthusiast friend who wanted to incorporate 3-D printed structures into a bookbinding project. We worked together to determine two different binding styles that would work with two different cover designs for an contest he wished to enter. While he put together the 3-D printing components of the tutorial, I worked up the perfect and long-stitch binding instructions.

You can find the joint project here:

Creating that Instructable as a team made me want to put out tutorials on both perfect and long-stitch bindings individually. I’ve gotten round to the perfect binding Instructable (found here: and will eventually get to the long-stitch tutorial. Keep an eye on my account for that, and follow Echo Bravo’s account for more 3-D printing goodness!