Michele’s Baby Shower Books, vol. II & III

Michele—the same patron who requested a photo book as part of the planning for her baby shower—also commissioned a pamphlet to store her shower memorabilia. I made up a pamphlet binding out of whimsical and appropriately themed paper, then secured the items with photo corners.

The food place cards that I hand lettered for the shower’s dinner were too numerous to all fit across the pages, so I added an envelope for the remaining cards. That way she could swap them out with the ones displayed as she desired. For more details on the items I made for the baby shower itself, see the post Baby Shower Book, vol. I.

Michele also had a number of cards from the baby shower that she wanted to keep together, so she handed them over to me to experiment with.  She didn’t request anything further than having them combined in some way that they would store together in a decorative way. Since she already had a box for the baby shower book (again, see post Baby Shower, vol. I), I thought it might be fun to have a more decorative binding that would make even the spine part of the display appeal. I bound all of the cards together using a Coptic stitch to create a sweet little book of well wishes for her to look back on.  One of the cards was shaped as an air balloon, creating a gap right where the punch for the binding thread would go through, so I solved the problem by adding a paper insert of a coordinating color.

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