Custom Wedding Card for Geeky Metalheads

I generally do my darndest to avoid attending large, expensive functions unless I’m being paid to be there, but some friends you just can’t refuse. In this instance, it was a wedding for two ’80s geeks and glam metal fans who despise all things soppy and pastel. This ruled out every wedding card in every store I tried, so I decided to make a card myself.

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Artist’s Portfolio: Half Calf Case Binding

Completed portfolio after almost a year of use

In 2018, Max Shafer of Glenn’s Tattoo Service Inc. in Carrboro, NC asked me to work with him on a custom portfolio. After meeting several times to discuss what functionality and aesthetics he wished for in his book, we settled upon a half calf case binding.

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Colin’s Baby Book

After commissioning three books for her baby shower (see posts Baby Shower Book, vol. 1 and vol. 2-3), Michele commissioned another to commemorate the first year of her son Colin’s life. Now that she had a better understanding of the variety of choices available to her, Michele wanted to work more closely on the design for this book. We settled on a Coptic stitch binding, which allowed for her to select alternating blue and orange signatures that would be visible along the spine, adding a touch of whimsy. We reinforced the playfulness of the aesthetic by selecting patterned paper designed with a little boy in mind. I tied this book in with her baby shower cards I also bound with a Coptic stitch by using the same color thread (see Baby Shower Book, vol. 2-3).

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Michele’s Baby Shower Books, vol. II & III

Michele—the same patron who requested a photo book as part of the planning for her baby shower—also commissioned a pamphlet to store her shower memorabilia. I made up a pamphlet binding out of whimsical and appropriately themed paper, then secured the items with photo corners.

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