Teen Zine collection & programming proposal

When working as a youth services librarian at the Flagstaff Public Library, I put together a program proposal for a 3-pronged teen zine collection and programming: (1) a zine collection curated for and by FPL’s teens, (2) passive programming to allow the teens to make their own zines, which they could add to the collection should they choose, and (3) a Teen Zine publication made up of the creative contributions of our teens that would circulate biannually.

Though I never had the chance to see the program come into being, I wanted to share the proposal for teen librarians who might find all or parts useful to them. It includes the collection and program breakdown, an evaluation of our population to show why the collection and associated programming would be relevant, and links out to the teen zine programming and collections that I found being implemented at other public libraries.

If you end up using this proposal as a jumping off point for your own, please drop me a note I’d love to cheer you on and hear how it pans out!

To view in your browser, click on the hyperlinked text. To download a pdf of the proposal to your device, click the download button.

Book Arts Resource Guide

This Spring term, I took a reference course (INLS501) from Stephanie Brown of UNC’s Park Library in which we were asked to create an online guide on the topic of our choice for whatever audience we wished.

My topic guide, found at bookartsfoundationalresources.wordpress.com, presents a basic introduction to book arts knowledge, providing an accessible starting point and Continue reading “Book Arts Resource Guide”

Servant Leadership

This summer will be a busy one.  The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum Research Center took me on as an archival intern, and I’m enrolled in an online management course for information professionals, both of which just began this week.

Our first formal assignment for the management course was to choose and explain a theory or philosophy (see full list of choices at bottom).  I selected Servant Leadership, which proved Continue reading “Servant Leadership”