Edible Book Day

In honor of the recently passed Edible Book Day, I thought it appropriate to share a book related cake I sculpted for an EBD competition during my final year of college.

Edible Book Day cake

I baked two sheet cakes, one serving as the base, and the other serving as construction material. To construct Buck’s head, I stacked gradually smaller layers of cake bits that I then carved into the desired shape. The teeth are cake bits held on with toothpicks. The next step was to ice the whole thing in homemade cream cheese icing. Then I used food coloring to bring Buck to violent life, along with a winding stream out of which came a pile of gold. The gold pile I then covered in edible sparkles. The last step was to pipe on the title of the book. It wasn’t a book constructed out of edible materials (Check out Susan Mill’s artist’s book Garden Ledger for an example that’s as cool as a cucumber), but it was good enough to win the Most Creative category!

2014 was apparently the year of the cake for me. I also made the Eat Me cake for Halloween, then the guys of Pi Lambda Phi asked me to make them a Greek life cake for their 4th of July Bash. They’re not Edible Books (although the gravestone was a vague reference to Alice), but here they are for your visual consumption anyway!

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